Sollitude at CKB Art Gallery

Sollitude Poster

This time I looked for inspiration for a new theme  on Flickr. I asked 8 of my favourite SL-Flickr photographers to join me in an art show about Sollitude. With different people you get different takes on the topic and that’s one of the things why I like doing shows like this. However there seems to be a dreamy touch to each of the artists’ works. Maybe a coincidence, maybe it’s part of why I like their work in the first place!

Rawnie’s creative side is sparked by the beauty of the landscapes she encounters. She used to have a gallery in here and will be bringing it back inworld sometime this year. Her Flickr page can be found here: Rawnie Lane & Artscapes Gallery

John (Johannes1977) loves black and white photography, mixed with sepia and vintage tones in order to channel a vintage look. John is the owner of Windlight Magazine and Windlight Art Gallery.  He also has a personal gallery called Epic Chromatic. He has had several art shows including ones on the Burn sims, LEA and the Virtual Chelsea Hotel art gallery. His Flickr page can be found here: Johannes1977

Whims (Whimsical Aristocrat) is an admirer of artistic nudes photography and often revels in the possibilities SL provides to express sensuality without the constraints of RL. Human forms are mostly her subject matter. Due to all the lighting and avatar appearances available she feels the technical barriers between artistic realistic nudes in either world are diminishing. She tells great stories and shows interesting views, together with her better half Fiona, on the blog Scallivanting.  You can find her Flickr page here: Whimsical Aristocrat (Whimsical Me)

Peep Sideshow has been taking pics inworld for many years, fascinated by this virtual world of SL. She spends a lot of time on her platform, building sets and roaming sims to look for picture opportunities. She writes about her roamings on her blog Pics by Peep . Sollitude is a theme that finds its way in most of her pictures, roaming SL on her own. She has a personal gallery on 5th Avenue .  You can find her Flickr page here: Peep Sideshow Darkward

Sera (seraphiel galaxy) is a great example of the dreamy style I admire so.  She is also inspired by all the beautiful sims people create in here, admiring all the detail people put into their hard work. Sera wants her pictures to speak for themselves. You can find her Flickr page here: Sera Galaxy

Hana is a storyteller. Each of her images, whether it is a virtual one or one from the real world, draws you in and makes your imagination go for it. Read her stories at Cybele Shine Blog. She has had art shown at Holly Kai Art in the Park, Windlight Gallery, Lollygagger Lane and Chelsea Gallery 23. You can find her Flickr page here: CybeleMoon

Jamie (Jamisson Burnstein) is a great photographer in both worlds. Inspired by landscapes, people and art. He doesn’t show his work inworld often, but I am very happy he made an exception this time! His pictures are inspirational, when you see the landscapes, you want to go there yourself. Many a good sim have I found through his pictures. See if it works for you too? Here’s his Flickr page: Jamisson Burnstein

For me, CK, it’s all about the great landscapes and art that people do in here. There will be people in my pics now and then, but more often will you find a lovely landscape with lovely colours in it. Recently I’ve been discovering black and whites which I also enjoy doing. A completely different sensation to things! For Sollitude I chose the angle of feeling small in nature, getting lost in the vastness around me. My Flickr page is here: Ceakay Ballyhoo

Inara Pey is someone I knew from blogging before I started following her on Flickr. If you want to be up to date with anything having to do with the virtual world, she’s your gal! Anything from technical news to wonderful sims and artshows to visit you can find on her blog Inara Pey – Living in a Modem World.  Her pictures are primarily used to illustrate her blogs, but as the quality of them is high, she’s often asked to show them at expositions. She’s curator for Holly Kai Art at the Park. A lovely place with great art and nice for a walk as well. You can find her Flickr page here: Inara Pey

That’s all the artists in the Sollitude Exposition, which will be showing till the end of March 2016. Hope you will stop by Mistwood Isle to have a look at all the great pictures they’re exhibiting.



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