Spilling JueL Tones


Fancy being embraced by warm colours? Would you like to wander around in someone’s mind? Then LEA4 is the sim to be! Until the end of February 2017 you will be able to roam in Suzen JueL’s world.  Inspired by her music she has designed this world where the environment fits perfectly with the  colourful paintings and little characters she has created. The experience was even more enhanced for me when she told me how one of her songs particularly inspired the build and I started listening to it while roaming around. (“Caravan“). Highly recommendable!

The bubble at the entry point is a wonderful way to float around, especially as builds and art are high up as well as on ground level.

Well worth spending a bit of your inworld time at this place. Or even to sit down at one of the many cosy spots around and just take it all in, relax and enjoy the warmth.


LM to LEA4-Spilling JueL Tones

Suzen JueL’s Marketplace (where you can buy the art of the installation)

Suzen JueL on FB

For a longer post about this installation, with an interview and lovely pictures by my talented Friend Owl Dragonash, click here: Through Owl’s Eyes


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