Poetry of the Planets

On LEA4 till the end of May, you can experience Caledonia Skytower’s Poetry of the Planets. And it is an experience!

Inspired by Gustav Holst’s ‘The Planets”, an orchestral suite from 1918, seven planets (though Jupiter is still in the making at the moment of the writing of this blog) have been made for you to visit.

In each sphere you will find an immersive space, decorated in theme,  with a link to Holst’s piece of the corresponding planet.

As the environment wraps around you and you feel the urge to slow down and take your time, (at least that was the effect it had on me), you are invited to  write a poem.

You will find more information and background on the accompanying blog.

Poetry of the Planets - Mars

Mars – Bringer of War

Poetry of the Planets - Venus
Venus – Bringer of Peace

Caledonia is of course known for her Storytelling abilities with the Seanchai Library and it should not be a surprise that she found a way to incorporate so many storytelling aspects in this build. The environment, the music, the sounds, it all adds up to an amazing group of worlds to get lost in and be inspired.

The planets all have a very different feel to them, and so you will probably be attracted by one more than the others.  My mind was instantly drawn to Saturn, its simplicity beautiful and daunting.

Poetry of the Planets - Saturn2
Saturn – Bringer of Old Age
Poetry of the Planets - Saturn - Bringer of Old Age (poem)
Saturn – Poem

All in all, well worth a bit of your time, if not a lot. And expect to want to come back for seconds and thirds.

A friend of mine found the planets also very inspiring: Mars Will Send No More


Niamh’s Journey of Dreams

A new build is finished on Mistwood Isle!

Niamhs Journey Opening Poster

This time it has been a collaboration between CybeleMoon and myself. We took Cybele’s Tales of the Tuatha and turned it into a world.  Parts of her stories can be found in the storyboards on the sim, where you can follow in Niamh’s footsteps.

For the full tales, please look at: CybeleMoon’s Tales of the Tuatha.

Inspired by those tales and the pictures Cybele added for the atmosphere, I started painting and building. Working together, inspiring one another as we were building up the sim, we came to a finished project on Easter Sunday. And we are very proud of it!

Special thanks to Elwyn Lorefield for creating the fireflies.

Niamh's Journey - Firefly Forest

You can find the world of Niamh’s dreams here: Niamh’s Journey of Dreams

Make sure you wander and not cam from one point, cause there are multiple Windlight effects through the sim!

Cybele made a trailer/video for the sim! Niamh’s Journey of Dreams

More pictures and blogposts about Niamh’s Journey can be found here:

CKB Art Group on Flickr (feel free to post your pics of the sim here!)

Cale’s Storyteller’s Notebook

Inara Pey’s Niamh’s Journey of Dreams

Cybele’s Are you ready to follow Niamh?

Owl Dragonash’s Niamh’s Journey

Orca’s Niamh’s Journey of Dreams

Eddi & Ryce Photograph Second Life

Riverpearl’s Million Happy Endings

Niamh's Journey - Gate to Tir Na Nog 2
Gate to Tir Na Nog
Niamh's Journey - White Swan
White Swan
Niamhs Journey Profile Pic
Bird’s Eye View of the Sim