Seacree Reef

Seacree Reef LM pic

Seacree Reef  (click to visit in SL)

My new installation is finished. Without a story for now. The Seacrees and other creatures are waiting for you to come and visit them!

It is an under water world filled with unique creatures and 2D and 3D builds/objects. All textured with watercolour images.



If you have a mermaid/merman avatar, this is the place to come and use it! Enjoy a swim and find the poses and dances.

There is also a turtle ride rezzer, a diving helmet and snorkling gear available.




On arrival you will find yourself on a small island. Walk down the stairs to find and explore the reef!


links to reviews:

Echt Virtuell (Maddy Gynoid)

Million Happy Endings


Renamon exploration of Seacree Reef

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