Come see the amazing Art and hear the talented Musicians at Glastonbelli 2022 in Second Life!

Owl's Eye

Glastonbelli is a virtual music festival in Second Life that features live musicians and artists. Come see and hear the amazing talent this festival has to offer!

The event was created in 2019 by Bjoy, Doc Rast and Owl Dragonash to commemorate the Glastonbury festival in England. This year is the 50 th anniversary for Glastonbury So we thought we would host the event this year 2022 on June 26th.

Glastonbelli will be held at The Glastonbelli Pyramid stage created by Cranston Yordstorm. This event features Live Musicians and exhibits Art by Caly Applewhyte, Alex Riverstone, Melina Sue,Stephen Venkman, Bijoux, Creaky Ballyhoo and me, Owl Dragonash. You can find more about these Artists here.

Glastonbelli Virtual Music festival.

June 26 9am – 2pm

Tune In Turn On Take the Ride


Musicians performing include:

9 am Alsund

10 am LLuis Indigo

11 am Cranston Yordstorm

12 pm Jed Luckless with…

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