Last Story Tour of the Little Girl on a Watercolour Wander.

Story Tour 28 December.png

Join us on Wednesday 28 December at 1 PM SLT for the third and last tour of the sim.

Caledonia Skytower, known from the Seanchai Library, will read ‘The Little Girl on a Watercolour Wander’ in voice while you walk the same path the girl is following in the story.

Feel free to share and invite others to the tour.

A Watercolour Wander (SLurl)

The Little Girl on A Watercolour Wander (Story)

If you have not seen the sim yet, but can’t make it to the tour, drop by any time you can.

The sim will close on the 31st of December.

Story Tour! With Caledonia Skytower

LEA12 – A Watercolour Wander (taxi to the sim)

Storyteller Caledonia Skytower and Artist Ceakay Ballyhoo lead a tour of A Watercolour Wander with its inspirational story being read live, in voice. Come along and discover the dream of a young girl, as she explores a watercolour world.

You can find the story here: A Little Girl on a Watercolour Wander

As you listen to the story you will travel the path the girl follows and immerse in the watercolour world around you.

Wednesday 12 October, 11 AM SLT, don’t be late!

For an impression of the sim, take a look at the flickr page: Flickr: A Watercolour Wander

Story Tour Poster.png