Silas Merlin, Pastel Portraits

During my roamings I came across a small gallery which currently exhibits works from  Silas Merlin. An RL artist from France with an inworld avatar as well.

I was blown away! His pastel portraits draw you in, the detail and lighting are incredible. Most definitely worth a look!

You can find it inworld here:

Gallery 24

and his RL website is here:

silas merlin expo_002 with layer

The girl is my personal favourite!

silas merlin expo_001

I Blog, Therefore I Am

These days, you need to be a blogger, so I finally decided to go with the flow and share my thoughts with the world.

This blog will mostly be about Second Life. The little corner of it that I call Mistwood Isle and where I can play with prims, the art gallery where I can show off my own and other people’s creativity in pics, my roamings through the landscapes and great sims people have built in here, and the occasional rant or thoughts on the ways and workings of SL.

Probably like many a blog in here, but hey, I blog, therefore I am!